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Customer Reviews

Great company. Internet is good. And the customer service is top tier.
21 September 2023
AllData United earned a 4- 4.5. Steve their support team guy... He's the reason they get a 5. Great job man, thanks.
5 September 2023
Service so far has been awesome. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.
Curtis Bahnsen
Curtis Bahnsen
20 July 2023
my internet speed drop to 1 download i sent email Steve got back to me right away he troubleshooting my router got my speed back up within 30 minutes best support i used they always get back to you fast would very much recommend them
Johnny Eversole
Johnny Eversole
21 June 2023
Our AT&T hotspot plan has been a lifesaver over the last couple of years. We live in a remote area, that has cellphone service, but did not have reliable internet. This was 15 times faster (yes, really) than what our local internet company was able to offer us. Highly recommend. We streamed our TV and I worked from home for a year.
Corinne Otis
Corinne Otis
1 June 2023
Awesome service. Responds very quick to help solve any problems you may be experiencing and will continue to help until the problem is solved. Kind and courteous. Very reliable! Very satisfied with this service!
Cheryl Simon
Cheryl Simon
31 March 2023
They are GREAT to work with. My internet is so fast at my house. I live in the boonies in Michigan and I am very satisfied with their internet.
Kamie Swan
Kamie Swan
5 January 2023
I've been a customer for four months and would recommend AllData United for any rural subscriber with cellular coverage. Speeds are as good as (or better than) my past satellite and Verizon LTE service, support is responsive and competent, and AllData may be the only ISP in the world that provides a reasonable, real-world amount of high-speed data with their plans, 350GB and 850GB with their $99.99/mo and $149.99/mo plans respectively. No contracts and no credit checks mean you can drop the service whenever you need to without incurring a penalty, and with their 14-day free trial, you can try the service in your own home and receive a full refund if it doesn't work out for you.
C. Mayo
C. Mayo
12 December 2022
We are absolutely astounded at the customer service and the actual wifi service we are receiving. It was easy to set up and worked on the spot! Thank you again Erica for all your help
Rhonda Memmer
Rhonda Memmer
6 December 2022

* Service not available in all areas. If your address does not qualify, our billing department will notify you and off a 100% full refund within 2 business days or the option to pick a different plan. To confirm eligibility, you may use the chat feature, call or send an email to support@alldataunited.com requesting confirmation.

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