Common Questions

Ordering & Set-Up

Yes! We have coverage all over the United States. We configure your device to your exact location to optimize speed.

Monthly renewals are either auto charged to your credit or debit card.

You can manage your account using our online customer portal, which is accesible from the My Account Dashboard.

Yes, you have 14 days to make sure the service is working well for you.

If you’re not getting the speed you expect, you can send back the device. If you are having issues connecting, we are here to help.

Once we receive the device back, we will refund you, minus the shipping fee’s of $24.99

Sometimes, if you have a carrier approved device. Otherwise you will need to either purchase or rent a device.

Failure to use an approved device will result in account termination.

Yes, there are some options for suspending service depending on the plan.

No! There is no contract with us, it’s a month to month service. 

No! It couldn’t be easier to set up. We mail  you your device tested and active. Simply install the antennas (refer to our instruction sheet for proper placement), plug in, wait a few minutes and connect your devices.

You can travel with the hotspot throughout the U.S since we use cellular towers, you’re covered nationwide.

Device & Plan Details

For normal internet usage, YES!
No move overages or data caps to worry about!

Normal usage includes streaming video, music, surfing the web and online gaming. The average home uses less than 600 gigs of data per month so don’t worry!

Torrenting, Surfing or downloading illegal content is strictly prohibited.

Usage in excess of 850 gigs is typically considered outside normal internet usage and may be flagged.

We offer both 4G and 5G service so speeds vary. For 5G service you need a 5G capable device. You can expect anywhere from 25 – 300 Mbps and possibly higher on 5G. Average speeds depend on your equipment and location. 

Yes. All of our plans include high definition streaming.

You can connect between 10 – 32 devices using depending on which router you purchase.

The rental modem can connect up to 15 devices.

Additionally you can use your own router to connect your devices.

Yes, Speeds will throttle at 2 Mbps after you have used all of your priority data.

Yes! If you see that you need more data, you can upgrade your plan by visiting your customer portal to manage your account or contact billing@alldataunited.com or call (888) 842-3672

You can login to the modem and check your data usage anytime you want.

Free Shipping

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14 Day, Money-Back Guarantee

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Fast & Knowledgeable Support

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Easy, Secure Recurring Billing

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Included with active subscription

$149 p/mo

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Please visit us again on February 1st for new orders.
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14 Day Money Back​ Guarantee

Each subscription includes 14 days to test out the internet connection with no risk.

If the speed does not meet your expectations, you can request a full refund less the shipping fees of $24.95